Imarat Kavkaz fighter Askhat Koybaev killed in Abu Dali, Hama

Imarat Kavkaz fighter Askhat Koybaev (alias Usama KBK) has been reported killed fighting in the HTS-led offensive at Abu Dali village in Hama province. Koybaev was a member of the “Dagestani Imarat Kavkaz” i.e. the group led by Salakhuddin Gimrinsky (there is another, rebel, Imarat Kavkaz). This is a small group that is fighting alongside Jaish Muhajireen wal-Ansar* (part of HTS, and which now once again also contains some former IK fighters).

Koybaev, who was almost 31,  and was from Novaya Balkaria in Kabardino Balkaria, was killed when a Syrian Army shell hit the car that he and other IK fighters were in. He received a head wound and died instantly.

What is interesting about Koybaev’s case is that he was previously injured fighting in Handarat, I believe in 2014, and then went to Turkey for medical treatment. While in Turkey he worked for Imarat Kavkaz’s leaders there. He later returned to Syria to fight.

  • I know, it’s officially Лива Мухаджирин вал Ансар, i.e. LMA but absolutely everyone still calls it ДМА.