Ajnad al-Kavkaz suspend military operations, citing “events in and around Syria”

Idlib-based jamaat Ajnad al-Kavkaz issued a statement on 1 October announcing that they were suspending military operations “until other groups determine their strategy in the Syrian jihad.”

I am writing an analysis of the statement for Jane’s but thought I would post a quick, on-the-fly translation out of interest.

Clarification from the jamaat Ajnad al-Kavkaz regarding recent events in Syria (and around Syria):

The jamaat Ajnad al-Kavkaz, while remaining an independent jamaat, has always cooperated, and will continue to work with, any groups and individuals for the benefit of Islam and the Muslims, taking into account also political and military interests.

Our jamaat, which remains an independent jamaat, did not and does not lay claim to any leadership in the land of Sham and in the Syrian Jihad. We see our role in this jihad only as an auxiliary for local Mujahideen and Muslims.

We adhere to the same ideas and goals as before, but we will avoid any conditions of emerging internal conflict between jamaats and we will not be an obstacle to the achievement of certain goals of other jamaats or to the benefit of of Muslims in this war.

In connection with all this, we have decided to suspend participation in military operations until other groups determine their strategy in the arena of the Syrian jihad or until there is an urgent need and obvious benefit.

In this war, there are many different groups that have their own goals and policies, we are a jamaat consisting mainly of Muhajirs, and we must  pursue the most cautious policy in order not to allow the enemies of Islam to make trouble among the ranks of Mujahideen and ordinary Muslims, or [give] a pretext for attacks by hypocrites.

Further to this, we will not leave our brothers and sisters, who are in a difficult situation and will wage jihad until Allah gives us victory or shahadah in His path.