“Clash of Civilizations” – Muslim Shishani criticizes Western imperialism, Capitalism

In an essay for the Nohchicho website on 13 September, Muslim Shishani has criticized Western imperialism through the ages and argues that the West has committed horrific and bloody atrocities in the name of liberating countries, including in Syria, though he does not talk about Syria directly. Muslim also criticizes Western capitalism and liberalism.

I’ve translated, on the fly, his essay below.

I’m not going to write an analysis here as I might do so elsewhere, but I should point out that Muslim’s critiques are not a million miles from other Islamic critiques of Western liberalism/capitalism/imperialism that I have read lately, by non-Salafist writers.

FYI, Muslim has been giving lectures on various topics relating to Islam since he arrived in Syria — this is not a new departure for him.

The best victory is that which is won without bloodshed

To the rulers of unbelief:

Today, for many people,  the sight of a man with a beard or a woman wearing a hijab in public transport causes, to put it mildly,  concern and thoughts flash into their heads that this man or this woman is a terrorist and at any second can destroy everyone.

For many, a man with a beard and a woman in a hijab arouse hatred, disgust and a horrendous fear and most often they are associated with terrorism.

The rulers of unbelief, who are panic-stricken about the coming of true Islam, artfully conduct an information and political war in order to discredit it and present it to the world as a deprivation from all pleasures, a harshness and a punishment for people, and they use any omissions by Muslims to confirm this.

But Islam has nothing in common with this.

I want to remind these rulers, that today’s Muslim youth  are a result of the education that has been imposed on us in the most harshest of ways in all Muslim countries by you and your proteges who lead these Muslim countries.

Вы всегда вооружаете, финансируете и натравливаете на нас худших из нашего народа, передавая им власть над нами. А если мы восстаем против их несправедливости, то вы сразу же кидаетесь спасать их всей своей военной мощью.

You are always arming, financing and setting on us the worst of our people, giving them power over us. And if we rebel against their injustice, then you immediately  rush to save them with all your military might.

It is you who, through your education system, have driven this youth into the darkness of wickedness and evil, from which we are now trying to drag them out. These young people understand that they cannot accept the dirt that you impose on the whole world. But these young people have no education in the spirit of religion and they do not know the prohibitions and restrictions of Islam. They take the methods of struggle from you, but because of their inexperience it turns out very crude – unlike you, who commit whatever crimes against humanity, but presenting them to the world as a necessary step for the salvation of mankind and peace on earth.

Take a look for yourselves: from which countries do those Muslims who today show the most sophisticated forms of cruelty to the whole world come? These people, whom you so diligently advertise in order to defame Islam, are mostly immigrants from European countries, who have been cultivated from childhood by your education system. And if you want to ascribe all this to their parents, many of those are not even in Islam. These young people were brought up in your schools, where from childhood they were taught all kinds of debauchery; where neither the Muslim, nor the Jewish, nor the Christian religion is appreciated. You imposed this system even in Muslim countries. And they took their cruelty from you, although we cannot compare them with you in this.

If you want to understand what true Islamic education is, then you need to go back 1400 years ago and look at the disciples of the Prophet who established a state of equality and justice, such as history had not known. States where the pupils of the Prophet, who had become  rulers of almost a third of the world, did not differ from the common people even in their clothing. States where the rulers themselves carried food from the stores of the Muslims to the poor, in order to personally see that their subjects were not starving. States whose rulers lived in huts, because they spent all their money on the poor, seeking the contentment of their Creator. And when ambassadors came to them from different parts of the world, after long searches they found them secluded in the meadows, sleeping on the ground, in the open air and without the guards that these ambassadors were used to seeing their kings surrounded by. These rulers were so fair to the people that they did not have to hide from them by gathering around themselves a whole army of guards.

And look at the number of victims in the 23 years of the Prophet’s call to Islam, for all the wars that have occurred during this time! See how he forbade killing the elderly, women, children, ordinary people and clergymen. How he banned the cutting down of trees and razing of crops.

And how did they treat prisoners? The Prophet strictly forbade any mockery of them, and called for them to be fed in the way that the Muslims themselves ate. They killed those who excelled in their cunning. Historians say a maximum of one and a half thousand people were killed in all this time, and there are those that postulate smaller numbers.

That is Islam!

Take for comparison now any war that you have started: tens of thousands of women and children killed, tens of thousands of men and women tortured in the most cruel manner, not to mention any other dead. Terrible destruction. You do not even feel sorry for each other, let alone the Muslims. Take the First or Second World Wars – tens of millions of people dead and mutilated!

Let’s return now to the times of Salahuddin al-Ayubi, about which historians have written a great deal. When crusaders from all over the world conquered Jerusalem, they killed all Muslims there without exception. And not only Muslims, but also Jews and Christians who lived there, who, incidentally, together with Muslims defended their city from their coreligionist swine. Even women and children. Historians say that more than seventy thousand people were cut down. And when after almost 100 years Jerusalem was taken by Muslims led by Salahuddin, what kindness and nobility they showed! They released all the prisoners, and moreover, they allowed Christians to make pilgrimages to their holy places, although the memory of the Muslims killed by the Crusaders was still fresh.

And we can give many such examples from the history of Islam. Why is there such a big difference?

Because for you worldly goods are greater than people’s lives, for you it is acceptable to destroy the enemy to the maximum, without feeling sorry for even the common people. After all, when you bomb settlements, not even ten percent of enemy soldiers are among the victims, this is mostly a civilian population. But the Prophet had no reason to kill all those who did not agree with him, and to seize lands. His goal was to convey to people the truth, to lead them out of error and to bring back all things to the Creator’s subordination, and if not, at least to protect others from their evil. Therefore, for his associates, murder was last on the agenda, and they resorted to it only after having exhausted all other options.

For us, the best victory is that where we achieved our goal without bloodshed, and the worst is where much blood was shed, even if it was that of the enemy.

Look at how Christians and Jews lived on the lands of Islam under the auspices of Muslims! They could freely profess their religion by paying jizya (tax). And this jizya was much less than the huge taxes that you impose on your people today.

For information: jizya is a tax taken from non-Muslims; during the time of the Prophet, they took one dinar per year, this is about two and a half grams of gold. And this tax was collected if the Muslims could provide those of other faiths with full security, otherwise the jizya would be returned to them.

And you forbid Muslims from even the outward manifestations of Islam and try to force them to assimilate themselves. You describe this kindness to those of other faiths as a weakness of the Muslims, because you do not understand this. But Islam educates in us honor and forbids cruelty. And we do not seek revenge, because all the same we will not be able to reach your level of evil, just as you cannot reach our level of honor. We just want to ward off the evil that you bring to us in the name of democracy, where the main goal is to pervert people and plant the most disgusting vices in them, like same-sex marriages for example. Worse, you want all this abomination to be legalized by religious figures and become part of religion. And already the priests of Christians and Jews support sodomy with silent consent, which you, perverted people, impose on your people, although God’s punishment that befell the sodomites is described not only in the Quran, but also in the Torah and the Bible.

Your freedom of speech consists of insulting that which is most valuable – people’s honor, which you yourself have long lost. Worse, you insult even religions and prophets, regardless of Christianity, Islam, other religions, or the millions of followers of these religions. And this freedom of speech of yours ends as soon as someone tries to reveal your essence, then you use any methods to shut your opponents up.

And our freedom of speech consists of the fact that we can correct any person, from a simple Muslim to the Caliph, if they are mistaken. And we are obliged to do this in the best way, without offending people’s feelings.

And we are fighting against this evil that you impose on us, when you occupy our countries. After all, wherever you appear, there is always a sea of blood.

Seeing how you unequivocally kill both Muslims and Christians in different countries without any distinction, we are already starting to believe in the “golden billion” project, which the whole world is talking about today. Did you consider the present population of the Earth as a mistake of the Creator, who did not calculate the possibility that the earth can provide for so many people, and decide to correct it by destroying more than six billion people? At the same time, when you come to power and seize the riches of the world in your hands, each one of you accumulates billions, which neither you nor your heirs can not spend even in a thousand years and which would be enough for even twice as many people on Earth. You deprive a third of the world’s population of bread. And in destroying our countries to make them appendages of your states, you plunge them into even greater poverty.

Because the Muslims realized this and rebelled against you in all parts of the world, you make us a target of persecution, calling us terrorists and inciting the rest of the world against us. Thus you kill two birds with one stone: you try to destroy Islam, drown out the voice of truth, and distract the attention of your people from your crimes.

But the Prophet, who was a model of honor, was sent to the world as mercy, and not as a punishment. Look at what our scholars are calling for,  who, because of the truth that you fear most of all, spend the bulk of their lives in your prisons or in exile! They have always opposed the evil that you carry, but even more so they are against those Muslims who are doing cruelty and injustice and denigrating Islam with their wrong deeds.

We have come to you with truth, but most of you hate the truth” (Surah Az-Zukhruf, Ayat 78).

And do not attribute the mistakes of Muslims to Islam. When one of the most famous companions, Khalid bin Waleed, whom the Prophet called the sword of Allah, committed murder wrongfully, the Prophet said: “I am innocent from what Khalid has done.” And if you study the history of our Prophet and his call, you will see that this is a call to honour and justice.

This is what we are striving for and how we want to educate our youth.

This is our way.

And you call us terrorists?!

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