Imarat Kavkaz in Turkey Finally Announce Abdulaziz’s Removal – But Why?

The Shura of Imarat Kavkaz Za Rubezhom (IK Overseas) and of IK KBK Overseas has made an official announcement — finally — about the situation surrounding Abdul Aziz KBK.

I wrote about the removal of Abdul Aziz here, already several months after it happened (I wasn’t able to write about it earlier because of sensitivity regarding some sources…).

Anyway  some while ago I learned that the Shura of IK Abroad had made a decision in the proceedings that had been going on for months regarding problems within IK’s overseas branch (which is basically all that is left of IK).

Reactions from sources to this announcement today include “what a joke” and “it’s hilarious” and “it’s enough to make a cat laugh” and “it’s just a death rattle.”   Simply, IK has split into little factions and there is still a “rebellion” (of sorts — bear in mind that IK has become just a “collection of little groups”  so sources point out that there is nothing to rebel against really) against the authority of Saad ad Dagestani and other representatives of this “Turkish IK” as one source calls it, including in Syria. The reason for the announcement is in the main to try to cut off Abdulaziz’s sources of funding, — which means that (a) he must still have them and (b) he still wields influence (but put this in context!) and (c) this poses a challenge to the new IK leadership in Turkey and also in Syria. This is also an attempt by this “Turkish group” to attempt to assert some sort of authority. Whether this will work or not remains to be seen. (Anyway, this goes back to what I have said many times — that reading social media and websites is not enough and cannot be taken at face value).

I’ve translated the announcement below, from the Islamdin site of IK Vilayat KBK.

The Shura of Imarat Kavkaz and the Shura of KBK Overseas hereby make an official announcement regarding the fact that the former representative of IK Overseas Abdul Aziz has been removed from the nizam оf IK by the Shura of IK, which is the sole legitimate organ of IK today that was established by Amir Abu Usman al-Gimravy.

In August 2016, Abdul Aziz of his own will left the position of representative of IK Overseas and in his place the Shura of IK appointed Abu Sa’ad al-Dagestani. In October 2016, Abdul Aziz was removed from the post of Amir of the mujahideen of KBK abroad by the Shura of IK Overseas.

The main reasons for which he was removed from his post and excluded from the Nizam:

— Introducing a schism in the ranks of IK. He incited the mujahideen of KBK to a split with Vilayat Dagestan.

— Spreading false information among the brothers of IK, which undermined the integrity of IK and the brotherhood as a whole.

–Setting the brothers against the amir of IK Overseas, saying slander and gheebat [talking about people behind their backs], trying to blacken the members of IK Overseas.

— Destroying the nizam of IK — insubordination and disobedience to the amir of IK Overseas.

— Disposal [of property] that was not rightfully entrusted to him by the amanat in contravention of the order of the Amir of KBK Overseas [it means he did not keep that what was entrusted to him].

The above-mentioned reasons have evidence from witnesses and were presented to Abdulaziz in person, and he was given the opportunity to contest them in a Sharia court, which he refused.

He has been repeatedly called to repent, to join the ranks of the Mujahideen and to submit to the Amir, but all our calls have remained, unfortunately, in vain.

For this reason, we appeal to our brothers and sisters and warn you that no one is to be involved in his intrigues and thereby harm the Nizam of IK. For the same reason, the Shura of IK decided to issue this clarification.

Also, those who financially or somehow want to help the Nizam of IK should know that this person no longer has anything to do with the Nizam of IK and  that his trust has been lost.

In the wake of what has happened, we appeal to all the Mujahideen of IK. Dear brothers and sisters! We urge you to unite in one rank under one banner and not make disputes, as Allah has told us in his Book, as this deprives us of our strength against our enemy.

Right now, the Mujahideen of IK are carrying out a combat ribat*  on the lands of Sham, helping their brothers and sisters in faith. Today, when the war is being conducted in such extremely difficult conditions, do not leave the Mujahideen without the help of your brothers!

* This is apparently true — that some IK fighters linked to Salakhuddin Gimrinsky and the “Turkish group” are on ribat, though this suggestion has been sneered at by some sources…