Imarat Kavkaz in Syria splits more after Abdul Aziz KBK ouster

So this isn’t new news & I’ve been sitting on it for a few months for various reasons but it seems that I might as well post it now. Various sources report that Imarat Kavkaz v Shame (IKvS) has basically split into small factions/groups following the ouster of the group’s главный амир (main amir is the best way I can translate it) in Turkey, Abdul Aziz Kabardinets/ KBK.

I am not going to write here everything about this but here are some basic facts:

  • Abdul Aziz KBK removed in Turkey a few months ago
  • In Syria, the previous amir of IKvS stepped down or was removed (his identity was not formally announced by IKvS, but I can say he was from KBK)
  • IKvS split into at least two factions (both small)
  • Some former IKvS fighters joined IS
  • The main faction in Syria appointed Salakhuddin Gimrinsky, (former amir of Vilayat Dagestan in Syria), as amir & declared itself the “real” IKvS, including by asserting as such on social media (though it has not been active since March for numerous reasons).
  • This small faction has the support of those in Turkey who ousted Abdul Aziz, hence the wording of the text below that is taken from this faction’s social media.
  • This faction has been working with HTS
  • A Sharia court has been trying to sort out some issues within IK but no news of this being successful.
  • Reactions to the disintegration are mixed, some expressed disappointment with IK as a “failed political project” for example.

For non Russian speakers this says, “Imarat Kavkaz V Shame…This is the official channel of the mujahideen of Imarat Kavkaz v Shame! The channel is under the control of the Majlis Shura of Imarat Kavkaz Overseas and the Amir of Imarat Kavkaz v Shame Salakhuddin ad Dagestani.”

The featured image is IK’s old base in Haritan, Aleppo, from back “in the day” when IK had a much larger presence, when Salakhuddin Shishani was amir (he was, of course, very much a protege of Abdul Aziz…)