An Update On IS Russian-Language Furat Media

I have found more information about IS’s new Russian-language media outlet Furat Media, which explains and clarifies what the group is.

Furat emerged early last month as a Russian-language media outlet that while it has not been declared an official outlet is publishing IS propaganda in a notably more professional and streamlined way from previous efforts.

I noted elsewhere that Furat seemed to replace FiSyria and that its tone suggested to me that Abu Jihad was behind it. The former is now confirmed, which does imply though not confirm the latter, although the pseudo-legalese and misplaced commas of the text really do have a very Abu Jihad feel to them.

Furat’s announcement reads as follows:


Dear Brothers and Sisters

We officially inform you that the FiSyria project has been renamed Furat.

The reason for this is that “Syria” that part of the blessed land of Sham was named by the enemies of our religion, after they established borders that are illegitimate from the point of view of Islam, otherwise known as Sykes Picot.

And because we have nothing to do with the Taghut, his laws and his borders, then correspondingly we have nothing to do with the names that he has given.

The name “FiSyria” was conferred by the previous collective of this project [1] before it joined the Islamic State.

These brothers, did not possess the corresponding level of Sharia knowledge, for which reason they did not give the necessary attention to this question.

We inform you that in future all Russian language media production of the Caliphate shall be issued solely under the name “Furat” and we shall not be responsible for other Russian language information published about the Caliphate by [third] party resources or private individuals.

Some notes:

— See note [1], the author is referring, of course, to the very original founders of FiSyria back in early 2013 who by and large were Caucasus Emirate supporters (Kavkaz Center used to publish FiSyria material); the site then became effectively Umar Shishani’s site and he took it with him when he went over to IS officially in late 2013.

So Abu Jihad (I assume) manages to have a dig at the Caucasus Emirate and their lack of Sharia knowledge even here!

Why the IS group did not change the name earlier if “Syria” was so offensive is another question. But there are big differences between FiSyria and Furat, notably that FiSyria was hardly a professional or semi-professional enterprise whereas Furat has a logo, a brand and a team of staff; FiSyria did not publish official IS propaganda whereas IS does; and so on.

— Furat is the official media outlet of the Russian-speaking contingent in IS.

NB the featured image shows Abu Jihad and has the logo of what is another of Furat’s predecessors, the now defunct HCenter.

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