Video Of Emir Khamzat Of Vilayat Nokhchicho Talking About IS Emerges

The Russian jihadosphere is awash with a new video of Amir Khamzat of the Caucasus Emirate’s Vilayat Nokhchicho (Chechnya) and Mukhammad of the Vilayat Galgaycho (Ingushetia) in which the former addresses the now-dead Emir of the Caucasus Emirate regarding IS.

The video comes hot on the proverbial heels of an audio message purportedly containing a bay’ah to IS leader Baghdadi by Khamzat.


CE website Kavkaz Center has published the video, which is undated, saying that it is a message of condolences from these two militants on the death of Kebekov; IS accounts are saying that is a message confirming Khamzat’s loyalty to IS.

Kavkaz Center has not denied the claims that the Khamzat has sworn an oath to Baghdadi.

The infochechen website has provided a translation of the video from Chechen into Russian. I am translating the salient points of the Russian, though do bear in mind that this is a translation of a translation.

First of all I wanted to talk about the reason I have not been in touch, it was connected to my health ..

About a month after the announcement of the Caliphate, I became ill and was sick for the first nine months .. But even in the month before the health problems, we sent a flash drive recording to Amir Ali Abu Muhammad, and the video with Umar Shishani, Abu Jihad and two brothers, two brothers who seem Dagestani…

We listened to their appeal to us and responded to them in the mail and we sent it to Emir Ali Abu Muhammad, we sent it with the thoughts that he had the right idea with respect to the Caliphate ..

And when Muhammad was sent with the post, I was in poor health and for nine months we had no communication ..

Ali Abu Muhammad also did not get in touch for five months now he’s gone, bless his Allah1 ..

Maybe he was still thinking about everything, consulted, I do not know, I do not have information about this.

And because I have not been in touch, and the question of the bay’ah and the rest, knowing how worried the Muslims are especially the mujahideen that are in a difficult situation, and knowing that we need to unite and strike “to cut the head of infidels,” as soon as we had the opportunity we recorded this address.

And of course we like to talk about the martyrdom of Amir Ali Abu Muhammad, to support the brothers from Dagestan and his family. I hope our brothers translate my words into a language which they understand.

I would like to have translated, may Allah bless him, forgive him, may Allah grant him a high degree of Jannatul-Firdaus, where every day he will be able to see the face of Allah…

I liked how he was an Amir who knows the shari’a, who was able to speak, intelligent .. He did not have much time…

Everyone makes mistakes, no person is without errors, except the Prophet…

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