What Does Salakhuddin’s Ouster From JMA Mean For Caucasus Emirate In Syria?

A Facebook post on June 10 has confirmed that JMA emir Salakhuddin Shishani and military emir Abdul Karim Krymsky have been removed from their posts.

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They and those who supported them have been ordered to leave northern Aleppo and move to the south and stay there, according to the post, which cannot be verified as genuine.

Others say that the document shared yesterday and which I posted here is the old Sharia court decision from a month ago and nothing new.

Meanwhile JMA’s official website remains offline.

While the details are not clear yet what is obvious is that there have been seismic shifts in JMA. I wrote about some of the background and the rumors here.

Looking beyond the immediate implications, let’s consider what the problems in JMA’s leadership and the ouster/replacement of Salakhuddin and Krymsky may mean not just for the group, but for the Caucasus Emirate in Syria.

Salakhuddin was considered a CE representative in Syria and had bay’ah to the CE’s former, now-dead emir Ali Abu Mukhammad.

The Sharia case against Salakhuddin and the problems within JMA seem to have also included CE ideologues, including representatives of Movladi Udugov, according to the InfoChechen website.

InfoChechen has published excerpts from what it claims to be a letter written by Chechen militants in JMA in Syria.

The letter says that JMA militants “rose up against Salakhuddin and Abdul Karim under the leadership of some “Sharia people.”

These people, based on lies, are accusing the Emirs of going against the law of God and against Sharia.

Abdul Karim was accused of not obeying Sharia and mocking the court decision. They fanned a huge fitna which grew into enmity between the brothers. Without having any legal Sharia basis and on the basis of lies. Subhanallah, Muslims, think about it! Where have you ever seen anything like it, where a military amir was dismissed while waging war against the infidels, because he didn’t move out of his house on time! The house that was the base for the mujahideen, it belonged to a local resident, who didn’t even fight the enemy and isn’t in the country!

Most of the mujahideen believe the warm words and say, we are for Sharia! They were led to this provocation, they are being controlled like puppets. After they went after Abdul Karim, they began to raise a whole story, all his personal shortcomings, they called the amirs “jahillis” and spread it everywhere and to everyone.

The Mujahideen have set all this higher than the shared problems of the Ummah. Therefore ordinary Mujahideen make a choice between “the Sharia and Salakhuddin.” Since they have deemed Salakhuddin and Abdul Karim as ignorant and opponents of Sharia.

They want to destroy the CE in Syria, and most of the “Caucasus Emirate men” betrayed their bay’ah to their emir, since they do not see the depth and complexity of the ongoing situation. They also do not understand that these Sharia guys are also led by someone and deliberately destroyed a huge Katibah.

And the mujahideen say, we don’t care, we are for Sharia.

Today, they are holding Abdul Karim and the mujahideen who don’t lead the provocation in jail and are delaying the decision of the Sharia court. They have manipulated the facts, written a lot of lies and spread them to convince people because removing emirs just like that is no easy thing. So much so that on the evening before the Sharia court decision the Sharia guys provoked a fight. It came to blows and they broke Abdul Karim’s nose…

The Mujahideen surrounded the base, searched cars, his own brothers, the mujahedeen, who only yesterday were behind the Emirate… And today they do not need the Emirate…

They have caused a schism, demoralized the Mujahideen, stuck the Mujahideen in prison, beat them and destroyed a huge active Katiba which was commended by our scholars (Maqdisi).

So is this the end for the Caucasus Emirate in Syria?

All this has taken place against the background of the uncertainty over who is or will lead the CE back home. (There have been no official confirmations of the rumors that a new Emir has been appointed to the CE.)

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