Has Salakhuddin Shishani Been Replaced As JMA Emir?

There are rumors that Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar (JMA) emir Salakhuddin Shishani and military emir Abdul Karim Krymsky have been replaced following a ruling by the Sharia Court. I’m waiting for confirmation from JMA sources, though, because rumors have been flying around for weeks about this case.

There were rumors last week that Salakhuddin had been arrested, which JMA accounts denied, saying only that the case was ongoing.

The Sharia case had to do with controversy over Salakhuddin’s and Abdul Karim’s behaviour and not as far as I can see about rumors that Salakhuddin refused to swear allegiance to Jabhat al-Nusra.

This image, purportedly a Russian translation of a Sharia court decision, has been circulated.

However it is worth noting that the Sharia court made a similar decision earlier which appears not to have gone into force, so it’s worth waiting to see if this is really a new development or not.


The Russian (from the 2nd paragraph) says:

This is a clarification issued by the Majlis Shura of JMA
Regarding the removal from his duties as Amir of JMA Salakhuddin Shishani and the military emir Abdul Karim Krymsky.
A decision was taken by the Majlis Shura about the appointment as Emir of JMA
Abu Ibrahim Khurasani
And about the appointment of the military emir Umar Dagestani