New Video By Muslim Shishani Faction Junud a-Sham

German-speaking activists associated with Muslim Shishani’s faction, Junud a-Sham, have uploaded a new video dated July 16, showing the group fighting Assad’s forces in Latakia.

Material produced by Muslim Shishani and his faction have been uploaded to the internet by German-speaking supporters — apparently Chechen diaspora — since last year. The group opened a website, sham and several social media accounts however, there was a hiatus of several months when no new material was posted.

This new video, with German subtitles, appears to be a fundraising/ propaganda video. It shows claimed footage of a small group of Junud a-Sham fighters fighting “the Kuffar” — i.e. Assad’s forces — on July 16, most likely in Latakia Province where the group is based.

It is notable that Muslim Shishani does not appear in the footage.

However, the video does name one Abu Bakr as the group’s military Emir:

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 17.02.16