FiSyria Claims Footage Of ISIS Destroying Syria-Iraq Border

A video posted by FiSyria, a group active on Russian-language social media and close to Umar Shishani’s faction in the Islamic State of Iraq and as-Sham (ISIS), claims to show the destruction of part of the border between Iraq and Syria.

The footage was presumably taken at the al-Yaarabiya crossing.

The titles added to the video state that, “The Taghut border no longer exist, taghut laws no longer exist”.

Sources have said that ISIS in Iraq have transferred weapons captured in Iraq to their counterparts in Syria. These photos, shared earlier this week, show ISIS military emir in northern Syria, Umar Shishani checking out an Iraqi Humvee stolen during the capture of Mosul and later transported into Syria.


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    1. Thank you! I will look into it… Do you have any link to more information?

  1. How ironic that you ask if I support pkk wolf, as a Chechen I would have thought you would appreciate a groups want of self determination and not to be governed by outsiders. As opposed to your Isis friends like Tarkhan who kill Kurds doesn’t that make Tarkhan no better than an invader like yermelov? How hypocritical wouldn’t you agree? I suppose your part of the new generation that is a salafi and doesn’t live by the adat’s . Everything that our forefathers fought against throughout history to remain true has been forgotten and we want to point fingers at the Russians instead of admitting we have a good share of blame , show me where in our code that it’s acceptable to take women and children hostage or commit suicide bombings? Or harassing our elders for continuing to follow the old faith instead of becoming salafi like our generation has.

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