Emir Of Umar Shishani Website “Captured Near Deir Ezzor”

Russian-speaking fighters in the Islamic State of Iraq and as-Sham claim that a website close to Umar Shishani was blocked after its administrators were detained near Deir Ezzor.

FiSyria had published news of Umar Shishani’s activities in Syria since his time as Emir of Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar; when he left that faction to join ISIS, the site became a pro-ISIS site.

The site was taken offline some weeks ago, amid rumors that its administrators in Syria had been captured or Killed.

Recently, Russian-speakers in ISIS opened a new site, Fisyria.info, which alleges that FiSyria.com was taken offline after its administrators were detained in the village of as-Suwar near Deir Ezzor:

The new site writes:

The blocking of the site Fisyria,com coincided with the captured of its administrators and Emir.

It happened in the area of Suwar, Deir Ezzor. An operation had been prepared and a car with two mujahideen in it was racing along the track at high speed, hurrying to take part in it.

The brothers in the ribat said that that evening they could not stop the car, which flew past the outermost point. That was followed by the firing of a PK machine gun, a Dushka, an AK from the direction of the Sahawat [probably Jabhat al-Nusra] fortifications, and the car stopped.

After 40 minutes the attack began, but they found only the shot-at and robbed car, and there was blood on the passenger seat.

The driver was Abu Ahmad, who loved operations and preferred difficult field conditions to the office. We knew him as a brother with a great disposition who could not refused to help and always stood up for fairness.

He was the Emir of FiSyria.com. Thanks to his labor, Russian-speaking mujahideen started to get correct information about Syria and about everything that was happening with the Islamic State. The contribution he has made to jihad was very large and we ask Allah to accept his efforts.

They say he was executed on the personal orders of Abu Maria al-Galaxy (JAN’s Sharia leader, Abu Maria Al-Qahtani, whom Russian-speaking ISIS fighters have dubbed Abu Maria al-Galaxy bin Samsung).

The name of the wounded passenger is Abu Mujahid, our translator from Arabic. He was one of the first foreign fighters who came to wage jihad in Syria. This is how he was described by the Crimeans: he was a Muezzin in a mosque, constantly read books or studied Quran. After he went to study in Egypt. He was a brother with impeccable Aqidah and a strong urge to share knowledge with his brothers. Every day after Maghrib, Abu Mujahid would give the brothers a reminder in the mosque, recited hadith, or gave lessons from books.

(Featured image: Umar Shishani)

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