Syria: ISIS Chechens – We’re Not Jihadis, We’re Muwahideen

Russian-speaking fighters and supporters of the Islamic State of Iraq and as-Sham say they are not “jihadis” but “Muwahideen” — “believers in the unity of God”.

This post, written by a fighter calling himself Abdullah Islamov, sets out what he sees are the differences between ISIS fighters and others who claim to be waging jihad in Syria.

One interesting element is the author’s attitude toward “those who stay home and wage jihad there” — an issue that has preoccupied North Caucasian ISIS fighters as their links with the Caucasus Emirate and the struggle in their native lands has weakened. Islamov solves this problem by accusing those who wage jihad only in one country are not real Muslims because they are concerned with “patriotism and nationalism”. Instead, ISIS seek to be under “the flag of Tawhid”.

The difference between “Muwahideen of the victorious group” and fighters with an Islamic “color”, i.e. “Jihadis.

A) Muwahideen of the victorious group are believers who well know and practice Tawhid, as Akida and Manhaj. They are scattered around the whole world, but recently have actively gathered in ISIS, desiring to help establish the Caliphate and Jihad under the banner of Tawhid, against a huge collection of enemies.

B) “Jihadi” fighters are various military groups of Muslims, usually mixed up with Jahili nationalists and patriots of their nations, which established military operations against the enemy on the basis of civil affairs. Although shortcomings in Tawhid does not allow them to see the really urgent and hidden enemies. Often they suffer from insufficient knowledge in terms of akida and manhaj, and bow first toward Takfirism and then towards Murjism.


1) The stimulus for jihad for the Muwahideen is one thing – to raise up the word of Allah i.e. the defense and establishment of the laws of Tawhid and life…

The “jihadi” fighters have many stimuli – patriotism and nationalism, a desire for revenge, male ego and tendency to aggression, love for adventure and military science, power and sectarian tendencies toward leadership and Hizb-ism.

Often, these stimuli are mixed up and covered with Islamic slogans so completely that even a stray considers his revenge, fight for power or love for his motherland as coming from Islam.

2) The law of the Muwahid is that martyrdom is only for defending and realizing Tawhid, we do not give our lives to switch one Taghut power for another.

The rule of the jihadis is: better death on the way to our desire freedom than life under the yoke, I’ll be a martyr and then after me whatever will be will be, better live a year as an eagle than 50 years as a crow.

3) The Muwahideen strictly adhere to the fundamental understanding of “al wala wal bara”, disavowing not only obvious Taghuts but also from unions with ethnic pseudo-Muslims who are democrats and nationalists, stray sects and Murjite organizations.

“Jihadis” willingly gather together in various hybrid unions with various Sahwats, Jaishes, national-patriotic gangs. They never openly disavow all types of this Jahili filth, or they don’t understand the essence of Tawhid! Or they understand it a bit and talk about this in a narrow circle with their closest friends, yes, and then only in a whisper and only from the perspective of telling their rank and file soldiers, in about 20 years.

4) The Muwahideen are not tied to national-patriotic groups or jihad only in a single republic They willingly emigrate from their native land to faraway lands, wishing one single condition – to be under the flag of Tawhid, with the idea of building the actual Caliphate.

The “jihadis” are more prone to war in their own Kataibs, which are more connected to their deviations and weaknesses. There is plenty of evidence in Syria where those who love cigarettes, hookahs, and music, chose to be part of the Free Syrian Army, which is closer to a military orchestra and a gypsy-dance troupe.

5) Muwahideen are not afraid to openly stand against the Taghut of the entire world, without hiding their plans for a Caliphate, or hoping only for help from Allah, the true lord of the worlds. As soon as the chance arises they establish Sharia Law wherever they want, not waiting until tomorrow for what can be done today.

The “jihadis” mostly don’t enter into open conflict with the main world Taghuts. It’s enough for them to be part of the fronts that support the Taghuts in wars for worldly re-arrangement or to forcibly enter into confrontation with them for revenge or personal insults. And having minimal knowledge of the main Taghut “ringleader”, they hide their plans even from their own soldiers, delaying the implementation of even those Sharia laws that they can [implement], until an indefinite future.

Featured image: ISIS military parade in Deir Ezzor