ISIS Chechens: “Al Qa’eda Haven’t Abandoned Us, They’re Out of Date”

The official VKontakte page of FiSyria, the website run by Chechen and Russian-speaking fighters in the Islamic State of Iraq and as-Sham, says Al Qa’eda has not “refused” ISIS, but are just behind the times when it comes to jihad.

In February, Al Qa’eda’s central command issued a statement saying that it was not connected with ISIS.

ISIS “is not a branch of the al-Qaeda group . . . does not have an organizational relationship with it and [al-Qaeda] is not the group responsible for their actions,” the statement, posted on jihadi websites, read.

The rift between ISIS and its Syrian rival Jabhat al-Nusra is mirrored in microcosm by the growing rift between North Caucasian and Russian-speaking fighters who chose to follow ISIS’s military emir Umar Shishani and pledge allegiance to ISIS, and those who remained loyal to the Caucasus Emirate, remained independent but supportive of the Caucasus Emirate, or who pledged allegiance to Jabhat al-Nusra.

The statement on the FiSyria VK page is attributed to “Abdulla Islamov” originally from Tashkent, and reads:

ABANDONED??? NO, it’s just that they’re taking another road — a longer and stranger one!!!

Al Qa’eda has not abandoned ISIS, but just lags behind, it hasn’t gotten into the avant garde of the icebreaker [ship] Tawhid — demolishing the Taghut and their politics.

At that moment, when the pro-Al Qa’eda-ites lingered in a bygone era of Hizbs [parties] and organizations — avant-garde ISIS already crossed over in the era of the state of Tawhid, into the era of the weakening of Hizbs and groups before the might of the Caliphate.

For example, according to the manhaj of Al-Qaeda it is not yet time for the implementation of Sharia in life. According to the manhaj of ISIS, as soon as there is the necessary power and territory – instant implementation of Sharia and open renunciation of all Taghut.

According to ISIS, there is no hiding of its position of renunciation and hatred of the supporters of taghut — neither from the infidels, or from the jahiliya-nationalists and various Hizbs.

According to Al Qae’da – you can hide your position, explaining that this is for the benefit of increasing ranks – they say that later on they will change. So Zawahiri didn’t renounce the democracy of Mursi and the delegation of Muslim Brotherhood members.

There are also differences in the issue of justification of ignorance — in the main, the Al Qa’eda scholars justify committing shirk through ignorance. Interesting fact, that the contingent of those who transferred from AQ to ISIS explained their choice for the past 2 years:
1. Increasing knowledge — especially in the intricacies and issues of faith from various Taghut supporters.
2. A wish to not fight alongside nationalist, Hizb-ists and democratic-hypocrites (those who fought in Afghanistan and Khorasan often talked about that).
3. The desire to live just a little under Sharia (the Caliphate) — rather than dream about it their whole life [this is a quote attributed to Umar Shishani that has been repeated often in pro-ISIS and Russian speaking jihadi forums].
4. Witnessing ISIS victories and the good faces of their martyrs (many people from Jabhat Joulani testified to this).
5) After reading the night prayer they became calm and clear in the question of transferring to ISIS, and scores of them dreamed of the Prophet Mohammad, who called on them to support ISIS!!!

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