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Abu Jihad Umar

IS’s Abu Jihad Slams Caucasus Emirate & Gives More Details of “Truce Request” Meeting In Raqqa

A new development in the ongoing and increasingly bitter infighting among North Caucasian militants aligned to the Islamic State group and Caucasus Emirate in Syria, and those in the North Caucasus has unfolded over the past week. Key events have centered on a recent audio/video address by Abu Jihad, the close confidante of the Islamic State group’s military Emir in Syria, Umar Shishani, which the Caucasus Emirate’s Sharia judge Abdulla Kostekskiy has criticized, as have pro-CE accounts on social media. Continue reading


August 2013: JMA Fighter Slams FSA, Says Chechens Should Fight At Home, Not In Syria

I thought it would be interesting to take another look at this interview published in August 2013 by Kavkaz Center (the mouthpiece of the Caucasus Emirate) translated an interview reveals the opinions of a Chechen fighter with Jaish al-Muhajireen wal- Ansar in Syria (then under the command of Umar Shishani, before his move to ISIS). Continue reading

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Report: “Isa Umarov Loses Sharia Court Case Against Muslim Shishani”

Earlier, I wrote about the reports that Muslim Shishani had been taken to a Sharia Court in Syria regarding an address he made about the “fitna” between Islamic State and Syrian groups. There are now reports that the court has met and come to a decision. Continue reading

Video: Muslim Shishani Answers Questions On The Caucasus (Part 1)

Muslim Shishani “In Sharia Court Dispute Over ‘Fitna’ Among Chechen Jihadis”

A strange thing happened regarding Muslim Shishani, the Emir of the Junud a-Sham (JAS) faction in Latakia: his “media mujahideen” announced that JAS was merging with Ahrar a-Sham, then deleted all references to that announcement after Ahrar a-Sham denied it. Since then — silence. So what happened? One explanation has emerged…and it has to do with Umar Shishani and the cousin of Caucasus Emirate propagandist Movladi Udugov. Continue reading


Kavkaz Press Names Umar Shishani’s Sidekick Abu Jihad

The Kavkaz Press website has claimed to have identified Abu Jihad, the sidekick of Islamic State’s military emir in Syria, Umar Shishani. Continue reading

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IS Makes Another Russian-Language Video: A Visit To Mosul

Islamic State’s media wing, Al Hayat, has released another video in Russian (with English subtitles), entitled Визит в город Мосул (“A Visit To Mosul”). Continue reading

“Displaced Conflict”: Ethnic Circassian Ahrar Al-Sharkas Joins Junud Al-Qawqaz

“Displaced Conflict”: Ethnic Circassian Ahrar Al-Sharkas Joins Junud Al-Qawqaz

The ethnic Circassian group Katibat Ahrar al-Sharkas has issued an audio statement announcing that it was joining the Junud al-Qawqaz faction. The move raises some interesting questions about Circassian nationalism, the Caucasus Emirate, networks of jihadis in Syria, and their extension into the North Caucasus. Continue reading

Caucasus Emirate Casts Doubt On Video of “Dagestani Emir” Pledging To IS

Caucasus Emirate Casts Doubt On Video of “Dagestani Emir” Pledging To IS

On Tuesday, a strange thing happened: a video appeared on Facebook and Russian social network VKontakte claiming that the Emir of the Aukhovsky Jamaat in “Vilayat Dagestan” (the Caucasus Emirate’s name for Dagestan) had sworn allegiance to Islamic State (IS). There were a number of fishy things about this video, however. Continue reading


A Little More About Abdul Hakim Shishani, Emir Of Khalifat Jamaat

The Chechen-led group Khalifat Jamaat in Latakia gets relatively little attention, probably because it is not related to Islamic State and because its Emir, Abdul Hakim Shishani does not put himself in the spotlight. Continue reading

Report: Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar Amalgamates With 3 Brigades

Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar Involved In Attack On Shia Villages In Aleppo

Chechen-led faction Jaish al-Muhajireen wal Ansar (JMA) has reported that it is involved in an offensive against the Shia villages of Zahra and Nubl in Aleppo. Continue reading