Who is Salakhuddin Shishani aka Feyzullah Margoshvili (aka Giorgi Kushtanashvili?)

Salakhuddin Shishani, the Emir of Jaish al-Mujahireen wal Ansar (JMA) — the faction that considers itself the Caucasus Emirate’s affiliate in Syria — has always been something of a mystery. Recently, I have uncovered some fresh information that might shed some light onto Salakhuddin’s past in the North Caucasus, and which also demonstrates the complicated…

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Abdul-Hakim Shishani, Emir of Ajnad al-Kavkaz, Linked To Khattab

Veteran Chechen militant Abdul Hakim Shishani, the emir of the Latakia-based Ajnad al-Kavkaz (AK) faction (formerly known as the Khalifat Battalion or Khalifat Jamaat) has been linked to a member of a Chechen militant group who fought alongside Emir Khattab, the Saudi foreign fighter who fought in the first and second Chechen wars. Follow @joaska_

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Ajnad Kavkaz Tell How Their Jamaat Helped ‘Liberate’ Idlib

The Chechen-led faction Ajnad al-Kavkaz (formerly the Khalifat Battalion) have published a “chronology of the battles of the jamaat Ajnadul Kavkaz [sometimes the group writes its name as Ajnadul Kavkaz, sometimes as Junud Kavkaz and sometimes as Alnad al-Kavkaz] for the town of Idlib” on the group’s site, Khliafa.org. Follow @joaska_

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UPDATE: Chechen Faction Ajnad Kavkaz Fights Alongside JAN In Idlib

UPDATE: After posting this on 30 March, I learned that Ajnad Kavkaz is the new name for the Khalifat Battalion, the Latakia-based Chechen faction led by Abdul Hakim Shishani. Rather than write a new post, I have updated below to reflect this new information. Follow @joaska_

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In Handarat, Seyfullakh Shishani’s Jamaat Report Using Donkeys To Transport Supplies

The Emir (Commander) of Seyfullakh Shishani’s Jamaat, an Uzbek-led foreign fighter faction that is part of Jabhat al-Nusra (JAN) has reported on the current situation in al-Madafa Hill in Handarat, Aleppo province, saying that the group is has purchased several donkeys to transport food, water and supplies to the fighters there, amid continuing fire and…


The Strange Tale Of New IS Chechen Emir Akhmed Chatayev & His Tour Of Europe

As a follow up to my piece for RFE/RL about how Akhmed Chatayev, aka Akhmed Shishani, has turned up in Syria in a video with Abu Jihad and apparently the Emir of a Chechen-led faction called the Yarmouk Battalion, below is a translation of an interesting piece from Kommersant, published after Chatayev’s arrest in Georgia…