Via Extremist Russia: The Future of the North Caucasus Insurgency

Extremist Russia (check out his blog on here and follow him on Twitter on @ExtremistRussia) is an expert on the Caucasus Emirate and has kindly allowed me to cross post his latest piece looking at the future of that group in the wake of recent events. Follow @joaska_

Sal & AKK

JMA Split After Losing Its North Caucasian Majority & Amid Weak Caucasus Emirate

Abu Abdullah, a JMA militant, has written an explanation of the situation surrounding deposed JMA emir Salakhuddin Shishani and military emir Abdul Karim Krymsky. The explanation sheds a lot of light onto the dramatic events of the past few weeks and days regarding the leadership of JMA; it also provides some more information about the…

Salakhuddin with horse Jan 15

Has Salakhuddin Shishani Been Replaced As JMA Emir?

There are rumors that Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar (JMA) emir Salakhuddin Shishani and military emir Abdul Karim Krymsky have been replaced following a ruling by the Sharia Court. I’m waiting for confirmation from JMA sources, though, because rumors have been flying around for weeks about this case. Follow @joaska_

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Umar Shishani To Kebekov: “I Didn’t Have Bay’ah To Umarov When I Came To Syria”

Almost three hours of video footage from 2014 featuring Umar Shishani, IS’s military commander, and his close confidante Abu Jihad has come to light, in which Umar addresses the then-emir of the Caucasus Emirate, Kebekov, and says he did not have a bay’ah to Dokku Umarov when he came to Syria in the autumn of…

salahuddin shishani

JMA To Maqdisi: Do Mujahideen Have To Keep Bay’ah To IK Now Emir Is Dead?

Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar, which considers itself to be an affiliate of the Caucasus Emirate (IK) in Syria, has published a question and answer with Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, asking whether those who have bay’ah to IK should keep it now that the Emir of IK, Ali Abu Mukhammad, has been killed. Follow @joaska_